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Supporting your child's learning at home

In school many of our children with additional or special educational needs will take part in a range of interventions and activities which support their learning and development in a range of areas.

On this page you will find a range of resources and ideas for activities you can do at home with your child. 

For more advice or information, please don't hesitate to contact our SENCo, Mrs Watts, on or speak to staff working in your child's class; we will be more than happy to help!


Sensory Circuits

 For video sensory circuit sessions visit:

Iain Mills' YouTube channel

 Oak National Academy

A guide to Sensory Circuits, and the different stages involved:

sensory circuits a guide.pdf

Physical Development


Fizzy and Gross Motor Skills

Here are the NHS guides for different levels of Fizzy intervention. Check your child's PLP to see which they are working on in school.

Clever Hands and Fine Motor Skills

 Here are the NHS guides for different levels of Clever Hands intervention. Check your child's PLP to see which they are working on in school.

This is a great resource with 50 fine motor skills sessions, led by qualified Occupational Therapist, Kim Griffin.

Griffin OT - Fine Motor Skills activities

Speech and Language

Top tips for supporting a child's speech and language development

top 10 slt tips 5 10 years .pdf


accessing makaton resources at home.pdf

For more specific advice or activities based on the speech and language programme your child is working on in school, please contact Mrs Robinson our SENCo on and she will be able to send you the appropriate resources.


This website is really interesting for looking at typical ages and stages of development for children in terms of their speech and language: I Can - Ages and Stages


Play online memory games at

tips and games to improve working memory.pdf

games to improve auditory memory.pdf


For yoga, mindfulness and stretching videos, linked to popular stories, songs and characters, visit:

Cosmic Kids Yoga

For calming sensory and mindfulness videos, visit: Sensory and Neurocognitive Development (SAND) YouTube Channel

For brain breaks and mindful minutes, visit:

Griffin OT YouTube channel

Social, Emotional and Mental Health

Visit Childline's Calm Zone for a range of activities, videos and games to support you with regulating your emotions, and helping you feel calm.

Calm Zone - Childline

Phonics - Little Wandle

There’s free access to synthetic phonics games at

Search ‘phonics’ at for phonics activities

On youtube there are videos from the CBeebies Alphablocks series which supports reading via stories about cartoon letter blocks that say certain sounds

What is phonics?

How to support your child with phonics

How you pronounce the sounds


 An app or web based game to engage your child with reading (free computer version, paid for app)

Reading Eggs online games and activities to support with reading (30 Day free trial)

Nessy have a range of paid for apps to support with learning to read